Reforms Make it Easier for Some Overseas Students Applying for Permanent Residence

Two recent decisions by the Australian and NSW Governments have made it significantly easier for some overseas students studying in Australia to qualify for a permanent skilled visa.


Firstly, from 1 July 2012 the Australian Government reduced the pass mark required under the points test for general skilled migration to Australia from 65 to 60 points.  Secondly, the NSW Government has opened up the list of occupations that it will sponsor for permanent skilled migration to NSW to include a large number of occupations in engineering, health care, ICT, education and trades and dropped some of its previous requirements (higher level English and work experience).  Nomination by the NSW Government is worth 5 points on the points test for a Skilled Nominated visa sub class 190.                 

As a result a number of overseas students in engineering, medicine and ICT who may have previously been 10 points short of the required mark to meet the points test for general skilled migration will now be able to meet this requirement.


AUSA Migration employs three former international students in Australia and so we understand the needs of overseas students seeking permanent residence in Australia.

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