About AUSA

AUSA Migration & Education Service Pty Ltd

Located in Sydney Central, AUSA Migration & Education Service P/L is a leading migration agency specializing in Australian Immigration Law. Since its establishment in 2003, AUSA Migration has helped thousands of people from across the world achieve their dream of migration to Australia. While sharing in the success and better life enjoyed by our clients, we pride ourselves on our extensive experience, professional service, efficient processing and proven high success rate.

AUSA Migration has a team of migration, business, translation, IT and accounting professionals. They have the education backgrounds in China, Hong Kong and Australia, and are fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese and English.  We have been involved in many successful cases.

Our excellent service to clients is enhanced by our established links with companies of good reputation who can help provide associated services for our clients.

AUSA Migration has a well-deserved reputation for giving people a service that is trustworthy, friendly and efficient. The ultimate goal of the company is to help more people come to Australia, enjoying the peaceful and better life in this beautiful country.

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