Business Visas

The business skills visa program was relaunched from 1 July 2012 as the Business Innovation & Investment visa program.  The program caters for business people who:

  • are owners (or part-owners) of a business (or businesses)
  • have a substantial business or investment background and are willing to make a substantial investment in State or Territory securities;


The Business Innovation & Investment visa program is a two stage visa program for most applicants.  Successful applicants are given a provisional visa sub class 188 for four years.  Once they establish a successful business or investment after at least two years they can qualify for a permanent residence visa sub class 888.  Applicants must initially lodge an Expression of Interest (EOI) in SkillSelect and obtain a nomination from a State government.   A one step Business Talent visa sub class 132 is available for outstanding business people with a business plan that will bring significant economic development to Australia.


There are a number of applicants already in Australia on provisional business skills visas.  AUSA Migration is still supporting these applicants to apply for a number of permanent residence business skills visas:

  • State sponsored business owner or investor (subclass 892, 893);
  • Business owner and Investor (subclass 890, 891).

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