Consult with a Registered Migration Agent

Why is it a good idea to consult with a registered Migration agent if you are looking to migrate to Australia?

We all know when we are overseas or planning to further stay in Australia, we start browsing through the internet looking for suitable visa options and guidance from our friends or the appropriate social media groups.

However, the problem is Australian migration legislation, the requirements keep on changing now and then, and many of them do not update their information on their system, and you might never know if you are looking for the present and correct information.

Recently I saw a Facebook post in one of the group asking for the definition of the full time for the skill assessment. I was surprised to notice how many people have commented on the wrong information confusing the applicant. The answers were from 10 hours a week to a minimum of 35 hours a week.

We all know, it's better to research and we have heard of many agents not providing correct guidance. Instead of looking for the details from your friends, get a consultation from a reputed good migration agent, who can offer you with the advice and explain the requirements and the process of the skill assessment, visa application process, processing time and so on.

“Don't spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door.”

As Charles Darwin quote - “A man who dares to waste one hour has not discovered the value of life.”

We have seen many applicants asking for the same information and wasting our valuable time. To appreciate each other’s time, we charge a small amount of $50 for the initial consultation, and this fee can later be deducted from the professional payments if you are going ahead with the application process.

Book for a consultation today.