Employer Sponsored visa

Many of us have been reading the news on the latest DAMA agreement signed by many of the regional area and many of the occupations having concessions on the salary and the English requirements. However, how to apply for the DAMA visa is a big question.

First, if your occupation is listed on the DAMA labour agreement list by particular state/ territory region, you should remember that the DAMA Labour Agreement is an employer-sponsored visa.

So what is Employer sponsored visa?

In Australia, there are many visa subclass, which is categorised under the Employer sponsored visa. To be eligible for these visa subclass, you need an employer who is lawfully operating in Australia to sponsor and nominate.

Now with DAMA Labour agreement, you need to have an employer in that particular regional area where your occupation is listed.

The advantage with the DAMA agreement is that with this agreement, the applicant can have a concession on the English requirement, and the employer can get the concession to meet the Threshold salary range.

So with the DAMA agreement, the other employer-sponsored visa subclass are sc186, sc187, sc407 and sc482.

From November 2019, there will be new employer-sponsored visa sc494.

The employers who are unable to fill the labour shortages through the local market can enter into this agreement. During the agreement, the employer will be approved for certain occupation concessions on salary and English requirements.

If the agreement is approved, the employer will lodge the labour agreement with the Department, and once the agreement is approved, the applicant can apply for the visa application.

Each regional area has its own occupation list and the application process, cost, processing time, and so on. The occupation list will be reviewed regularly.

With the DAMA agreement, the employer has to pay the SAF Levy, and the LMT needs to be satisfied.