NSW Sponsorship for the Skilled Regional Nomination under 489 visa subclass

The Skilled Regional Nominated 489 visa is valid for up to four years, and visa holders can apply for permanent residence after living in a regional area for two years and working full time in a regional area for one year.  Importantly that work experience can be in any occupation, not only in your nominated occupation.

In NSW the decision to sponsor applicants for a Skilled Regional Nominated visa has been delegated to 8 regional offices.  

They require a commitment to live and work in their particular region of NSW.  Sponsorship does not guarantee work, but some regions provide considerable resources to help skilled migrants find suitable jobs.

All regions require extensive documentation to be included in your application such as skills assessments; IELTS test results; academic transcripts; resume; work references and; job descriptions.  You need to really ‘sell’ yourself in your application.  An application fee of $700 plus GST (if applicable) is charged in all regions.

Each region has a different list of occupations in demand that they will sponsor.  Occupations in health care and trades appear on most regions lists.  Some regions have a limited list of occupations they will sponsor, and some have considerable additional requirements for sponsorship such as a minimum of two year’s and in some cases up to five year’s work experience in the nominated occupation and IELTS 7.0.

The most opportunities for overseas graduates appear to lie in the following regions:

  • Northern Inland (includes cities of Tamworth and Armidale)
  • Orana (includes Dubbo, Coonamble and Coonabarabran)
  • Riverina (includes Wagga Wagga, Griffith, Leeton and Hay).

These regions have historically sponsored a large number of skilled migrants and have long diverse lists of occupations they will sponsor with limited additional work experience or other requirements.  The Northern Inland has a Jobs Board for Skilled Migrants on a Facebook Group and has extensive settlement information and video case studies on its website.  The Riverina provides contact details of migrants it sponsors to suitable employers and can assist with the settlement.

Unfortunately, the only region sponsoring Accountants and related occupations is Orana, but it requires applicants to be: proficient in English; have at least six months work experience in Australia, and; be already living and working in the region.

The Murray (includes the city of Albury) has a long list of occupations it will sponsor but requires a minimum of two year’s work experience in the nominated occupation in ALL occupations.  

The regions of NSW offer cheaper housing and cost of living than available in Sydney or Melbourne.  To find out more details about how to apply for this visa subclass Contact us