Partner Visa

How to write a genuine relationship statement for a Partner visa?

One of the key document to submit with your Australian Partner visa application is the relationship statement.

There are no set guidelines or any criteria to be followed in writing this statement as every story of the couple is different. Hence, while writing the statements, the applicants have to be extremely careful on the details provided and ensure that all the details are accurate and correct.

Both the applicants and the sponsor has to provide a separate statement to support their partner visa application. These statements have to be written, and there are no restrictions on the number of words or pages to be submitted.

The critical factor while writing these statements are the dates of the occasion.

Below are some of the details to be covered in your partner visa application:

  • When did you meet the partner?
  • Where did you meet the partner?
  • How did you meet the partner?
  • How was the relationship developed?
  • Who expressed their feelings first?
  • For how long the relationship has been active?
  • Was there any break during the relation?
  • Do you have any contacts with your formal relationship partner?
  • The special events or important dates of your relationship
  • How did you celebrate this relationship?
  • How do you share your household chores and financial commitments?
  • Your friends and family opinion about your relationship
  • List of the activities or your common hobbies
  • Value and respect of each other’s opinion or choices
  • Moreover, last but not least what are your plans together

These are some of the necessary details that need to be covered in your relationship statement. As each case are different, there is a need to add more information depending on supporting your Partner visa application. Contact us today to know more about the Partner visa or on how to write your Relationship Statement.

If you want us to assess and let you know what more details can be provided  to make your application with better success rate. Click on the link Genuine Relationship Statement.