Training visa

Have you recently completed your qualification and looking for practical experience in Australia? or

Do you have overseas experience and looking to enhance your skills by undergoing workplace-based training in Australia? or

Are you already working in Australia and is looking to improve your skills by undergoing workplace-based training?

Then you are looking for a Training visa.

Training visa is an Australia’s goodwill visa, allowing the applicants to undergo the workplace-based training to enhance their skills in related to the occupation. This training is for the applicants who are looking to enhance their career in the relevant profession or who are looking to implement their qualification knowledge and gain the practical skills.

For Training visa, the applicant has to be sponsored and nominated by an employer.

So, you must be thinking what kind of training will be provided by an employer?

The employer will assess, and they will prepare a Training Plan which has to be submitted with your Nomination Application, and the training will be conducted at the employer’s workplace as per the Training Plan. (We can assist the employer in preparing the Training Plan).

Since it’s a training, you must be wondering will it be paid or unpaid? The Department allows both paid and unpaid, but for the applicant to live and survive in Australia, we suggest the employer to pay the applicant at least the national standard minimum wage.

What if you have an employer who is ready to train, but the employer is worried about the sponsorship obligations and the process of sponsorship application?

You don’t have to worry, we can guide your employer in preparing the sponsorship application and also make sure they are aware of their sponsorship obligation, and we also assist them in maintaining their obligations. All the nomination types for the training visa is workplace based training opportunity and the employer has to sponsor and nominate the applicant.

As you read through you might be having so many other questions such as; is there a separate occupations list, how many years the visa is valid for, what is the English requirement, is there a requirement of health assessment, can my family members travel with me and do they have any work rights?

You can also check our FAQ’s which has some of our common question and answers asked by our clients.

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