DAMA South Australia Agreement

Recently South Australia had entered into two DAMA agreement, providing South Australian employers to fill the labour shortages by sponsoring the overseas skilled migrants.

South Australia has entered into two agreement between the Australian governments.

  • Adelaide Technology And Innovation Advancement Agreement
  • South Australian Regional Workforce Agreement

Both the agreement has the separate occupation list and the type of industries

Immigration SA will undertake the role of Designated Area Representative (DAR), which is responsible for endorsing employers seeking to access overseas workers through the Designated Area Migration Agreements

Employers who are facing the skills shortages, the first step will be to apply for the DAR endorsement. DAR undertakes the assessment and issue the Letter of Endorsement to the employer and notifies the Department of Home Affairs.

The employer then can request for the DAMA Labour Agreement with the Department of Home Affairs. If the department approved the agreement, the employer could proceed to lodge the nomination and visa application with Home Affairs.

The Adelaide Technology and Innovation Advancement Agreement are for the high- tech industries, and it covers the Adelaide Metropolitan regions only.

Adelaide-Metropolitan DAMA-Occupation-List.pdf

The South Australia Regional agreement is for the high growth industries including the agribusiness, forestry, health, tourism, construction and so on and it covers the entire state of South Australia.