News for International Students in Australia


International students confronted with an uncertain future in Australia with the recent changes by the ACT Government

More than hundreds of students are expected to participate in a protest on this Friday against ACT Government and share their news and a petition to increase the capping of 190 visas from 800 to 1500.

The ACT Government, in July 2017, introduced a policy to allow Canberra residents to access state nomination even when their occupation was not marked ‘Open’ on its in-demand occupation list. Applicants seeking to avail this were required to have lived in the ACT for at least 12 months and complete at least a Certificate III level course from a local educational institution before making an application.

This attracted thousands of international students from across Australia who moved to the national capital for a pathway to permanent residency.

Without giving any prior notice, the Act Government announced the program closure is shattering many students dream who had moved previously to Canberra.

The slow processing of the visa application has led to a large number of individuals, overseas students on Australia’s Bridging visa.

Meanwhile, the good news for the overseas students as Western Australia is aiming to increase the intake of the overseas students. A new graduate streamed, and a new Graduate Skilled Migration List will be introduced soon.