Business Visa

Australian Business visas are for the experienced or new entrepreneur who are looking to invest in Australian Business. The Business can be either existing or new business. There are some financial requirements for the Business visa and also depending upon the visa subclass, the applicant need to have the experience in managing the business overseas. With the business visa, there needs to be a detail business proposal. The dependent can be included in the business visa.

Business Visa
  • Business Talent 132
  • Business Innovation Stream 188 A
  • Investor Stream 188 B
  • Significant Investor Visa (SIV) 188 C
  • Business Innovation 888
This program caters for business people who:
  • are owners of a business 
  • have a substantial business or investment background and are willing to make a substantial investment in Australia.
The Business Innovation & Investment visa program is a two-stage visa program for most applicants. Successful applicants are given a provisional visa subclass 188 for four years. Once they establish a successful business or investment after at least two years, they can qualify for a permanent residence visa subclass 888. Applicants must initially lodge an Expression of Interest (EOI) in SkillSelect and obtain a nomination from a State government.
A one-step Business Talent Permanent residence  visa subclass 132 is available for outstanding business people with a business plan that will bring significant economic development to Australia.
There are a number of applicants already in Australia on provisional business skills visas. AUSA Migration is still supporting these applicants to apply for a number of permanent residence business visas:
  • State-sponsored business owner or investor (subclass 892, 893);
  • Business owner and Investor (subclass 890, 891).