Employer Sponsored Visas

Employer Sponsored Visas
  • Temporary Skills Shortage Visa sc482
  • Employer Nomination Scheme sc186
  • Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme sc187
  • Skilled Employer Sponsored(Provisional) - sc494
The employer-sponsored visa program has been the subject of intense review and significant change over the last few years. The selection criteria and obligations on employer sponsors under the program are considerable. AUSA Migration has extensive experience over the last 10 years in this highly complex area of migration law.
Most employer-sponsored skilled migrants commence on a temporary 482 visa and then progress after a period of time to a permanent employer sponsored visa.
The sc187 under the TRT stream will be abolished from 16th November 2019 and the new visa sc494 will be implemented. With the new sc494 visa, the applicant needs to have the skill assessment, Competent English Language skills and approved RCB certification.

Effective from November 2019, the 187 under the Direct entry stream will be closed and the new visa sc494 will be in effect. The new sc494 is a provisional visa subclass which requires you to be sponsored and nominated by the regional employer. The applicant can apply for a permanent visa options after working with the same employer for a period of three years and has met the other relevant salary and the age criteria. As part of the application, there is a requirement of RCB certification, LMT, SAF levy that needs to be paid by the employer during the nomination application stage.