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Business Visas

Business Talent visa sc132 Business Innovation Stream visa sc188 A Investor Stream visa sc188 B Significant Investor Visa (SIV) sc188 C Business Innovation visa sc888

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General Skilled Visas

Skilled Independent visa --sc189 Skilled Nominated visa (by a State Government) -sc190 Skilled Graduate visa (Temporary – 18 Months) -sc485 Skilled Work Regional(provisional) - sc491

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Employer Sponsored Visas

Temporary Skills Shortage Visa -sc482 Employer Nomination Scheme -sc186 - TRT and DE stream Skilled Employer Sponsored(Provisional) - sc494

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Labour Agreement

Company Specific Labour Agreement DAMA Agreement Global Talent Scheme (GTS) Agreement Industry Labour Agreement Project Agreement

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Family Visas

Contributory Parent 173/143 Parent Visa 103 Temporary Parent visa 870

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Partner Visa

Partner 309/820/100/801 Prospective Marriage 300

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Training Visa

Training Visa sc407 Training Plan

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Temporary Activity Visa

Temporary Activity Visa 408

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Resident Return Visa

Resident Return Visa sc155 Resident Return Visa sc157

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Australian Citizenship

Australian Citizenship. It is everybody's dream to get an Australian citizenship.

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Student Visa

Applicants who are interested in studying in Australia for a period of three months or more on a full time studies, can apply for the student visa.

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