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AUSA Migration is a highly regarded migration agency specializing in migration to Australia. Since it was established by founder Jennifer Kwok in 2003, AUSA Migration has helped thousands of its clients from across the world to achieve their dream of living in Australia. Jennifer Kwok, an Australian citizen with a Chinese heritage, has been a leader in the migration advice profession in the field of migration from China to Australia for over 15 years.  She is a Fellow of the Migration Institute of Australia (MIA) and a member of the MIA’s NSW Advisory Committee.

Located in Sydney’s Haymarket District in Chinatown near Central Railway Station, AUSA Migration prides itself on our extensive experience, strong local expertise, professional service, efficient processing and high success rate.  We can be trusted with your confidential personal details and will always act with discretion in your best interests.

Our team members come from China, Hong Kong, Japan and Australia and are fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese and English.  They have relevant expertise in migration, business and accounting.

We offer premium level personal services to selected investor and business clients looking for a trusted adviser - more than someone to just ‘manage the paperwork’.  Our staff can assist with your family’s smooth settlement in Australia, working with reputable companies to help with choosing a home, a school, health insurance, registering for Medicare and English language classes.  We can also assist you during your time in Australia on a provisional visa to ensure that you stay ‘on track’ to qualify as quickly as possible for permanent residence.    

AUSA Migration’s ultimate goal is to help more people come to Australia, and enjoy the peaceful and better life in this beautiful country.

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Yes. The new employer has to be an approved sponsor and they need to submit a new nomination application. 
You can check your eligibility either by visiting the Department of Home Affairs assessment page which give you some guidelines or you can fill out our Assessment form and we can assess and we will get back to you ASAP.
You can apply for an Australian Visitor visa for either three, six or twelve months. The Australian visa may allow you to enter and stay in Australia for a single trip or allow multiple entries during this period.
As a student, you are eligible to work for up to 20 hours per fortnight during the semester. You can check more details about your visa condition on your Visa Application approval letter.

During your holidays, you are eligible to work full time
The minimum wage in Australia is $18.93 per hour. The minimum wage was increased by 3.5 %, from 1 July 2018.

The Department expects the student to write their own GTE statement explaining why they are applying for this visa and confirming their sole intention to study in Australia. If they find it difficult to write it in English, they can write the GTE statement in their own language and translate it to English.

As this is one of the most important documents for a student Visa Application, you can ask for help from a Migration Agent in writing the GTE statement for your student Visa Application.
The occupation lists are updated regularly by the Department of Home Affairs based on the needs of the Australian labour market. The list also provides for each occupation which visa options are available.
Click on the below link to find the combined list of eligible occupations:

To know more about your eligibility, please contact us or schedule a booking with our migration agent.

The employer can sponsor you under paid or unpaid options. It depends upon the agreement you have with an employer before lodging the Nomination Application. If it has paid training, the Nominee is supposed to pay you at least as per the Minimum Standard wage and they must provide you with a full-time training opportunity.
Employers are required to inform the Department of any changes to the proposed Training Plan.  If the Trainer is no longer working for the sponsor company, it is important for the employer to provide details of the new Trainer to the Department. It is the duty of an employer to keep the Training Plan lodged with the Department up to date.

As an employee, you are required to inform the Department of any changes to your contact details within 14 days.
No, any Australian Registered organisation can apply to become a sponsor under the Training Visa program. The Trainer needs to be working with the employer.

For Example: If the sponsor is nominating you for the position of Cook, a qualified Chef can be the trainer who will monitor and supervise you during the workplace- based training.

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