Student Visa

Student visa - sc500

Applicants who are interested in pursing their studies in Australia can apply for the Australian student visa. Under this visa subclass, the applicants can work part time that is 40 hours per fortnight. 

As part of the application process, the applicants need to provide the COE( Confirmation of Enrolment) from the University and the GTE ( Genuine Temporary Entrant) Statement. Depending upon the course and the University, the applicants need to satisfy the English language requirements. 

The applicants from the age of 6 can apply for the student visa. Below 18 years age applicant has to provide a welfare arrangements and any change in welfare arrangements must be pre-approved. 

The applicants can apply for different courses of study in a single student visa application ensuring to provide all COE with the application. 

If you are looking for the guidance on the suitable course or the University, you can contact us.