Australian visa services

Australian visa services:

AUSA Migration has been in the industry for almost twenty years assisting clients with different types of Australian visa subclasses.

Our senior Migration Agent Jennifer Kwok, who is an Australian Citizen with Chinese heritage and a member of MIA NSW Advisory Committee has extensive experience and strong local experts who can guide you through the suitable visa options.

Our services include all types of Australian visa subclass such as employer-sponsored visa, skilled migration, business visa, partner visa, training visa, labour agreement, and so on.

Based on your requirements and the relevant experience you might be eligible for a different visa

If you are looking to come to Australia with a job opportunity – the suitable visa options will be to apply for the employer-sponsored visa. Depending upon your experience, you can apply for different employer-sponsored visa such as sc482, sc186, sc187 and training visa sc407, if you are looking to be trained in Australia.

If you are looking for permanent options and find a job after you move to Australia – the suitable visa options will be the General skilled migration. With the new visa commencing from 16th November 2019, you can move to regional area temporarily and find a job and can apply for permanent residency after you have worked in regional area for at least three years.

If you have a business overseas or looking to start a new business or buy the existing business, there are different types of business visa. Depending upon the company’s turnover and the asset, we can let you know the suitable options.

If you are interested in studying or visiting Australia temporarily, you might be looking at Student or visitor visa.

So depending upon your need and your eligibility, we can assess and let you know the suitable visa options.  

It is very important to apply for the right visa subclass, as each one differs the purpose and eligibility.

Not only the agents can assess and can guide you through the options, but also to provide you with the cost breakdown, application process, processing time and many more details regarding your visa options.  

If you are interested to know your visa options, you can send us an email briefing the intention to travel to Australia. Please send us an email to