Bogus Document

PIC  4020

As we all know, when we lodge any Australian visa application, you need to declare that all the information provided is accurate. The identity proof document is one of the most important document for any of the visa application.

Any misleading, false or forgery documents submitted could lead to the visa cancellation or refusal.

If the visa application has been cancelled or refused because of the forgery documents or misleading information or failing to prove your identity document, then the PIC 4020 has been failed.

What is PIC 4020?

PIC 4020 is a Public Interest Criteria that apply for certain visa subclasses, and you need to satisfy PIC 4020 to obtain the grant of the applied visa subclass.

What happens if the PIC 4020 is not satisfied?

If the PIC 4020 applies, as the failure to prove identity, the applicant will not be able to grant a visa for ten years after refusal.  There is no waiver for this requirement.

If the visa were refused under PIC 4020, failing to prove the identity, the applicant would not be able to apply for ten years. There is no waiver available for the waiver for the failure to prove the identity requirement or ten-year ban period.

If the details of the visa applicants or their family members are provided incorrect or misleading information in their application, the visa application can be refused, and you might have a ban for three years to apply for another visa subclass.

The applicant can apply for a waiver if there are compelling and compassionate reasons affecting an Australian Citizen, permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen or compelling and compassionate circumstance affecting Australia.

If the application is refused, the applicant can apply to The Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) cfor a review.

If your visa has been refused based on the incorrect information and if you are applying for the new visa subclass within the three years, then you can need to provide the reasons why the visa should be granted.