Changes that are implemented from Nov 2019

How are changes in November going to help you to migrate to Australia?

As you are all aware, the Australian migration system has introduced two new visa subclasses. These visas are coming into effect from November 2019.

With the new visa subclass, there have been many other changes which are coming into effect soon.

Now, one of the major changes in the points system. As we all know, skilled migration is a points system and you can claim points for your skills and experience.

Now, if these changes are going to benefit you in migrating to Australia? I would say yes, for many applicants it will lead a pathway to migrate to Australia and live and work in a regional area for at least three years, which can lead to permanent residency in the future.

For you to analyse, if the changes are positive for you, below I have briefed on some of the changes which are implemented from November.

The first major change is the change in the points system, which allows the applicants to score better score points to lodge the EOI(Expression of Interest)

You can claim 10 points if your education falls under the STEM qualification.

Now many of them will be wondering what exactly the full form of STEM is and which qualification falls under this category to claim extra points.

STEM stands for “Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths”.

Any bachelor or higher degree related to Science, technology, engineering and numeracy would fall under the STEM Qualification.

Some of the courses such as; Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Cybersecurity, Bachelor of Engineering, Bachelor of data sciences and so on.

The second change in the point system is the additional point to claim on partner skills.

Young and single applicants to claim an additional 10 points if they are single and applicants with the skilled and English language skills partner to claim points to increase their total score points

In addition to the change of the point system, the other changes are the addition of the new occupations. More than 200 occupations will be added to the list, which will open a pathway for many applicants to apply for the skilled migration.

Now the other major change is the definition of the regional area. The more simplified version of the regional area will allow the applicants to be sponsored by the employer or the regional area family member.

Instead of 10 points, the applicants can claim 15 points if you are nominated by the state or by the eligible relative.

With the eligibility to lodge EOI still being the same, it will be a great option for many applicants to lodge their EOI.

Now, if you are going to fall into any one of these changes, it's going to be an advantage and you can start lodging your EOI from 16th November 2019.

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