Do you think consulting with a registered migration agent can help?

Planning to move and settle in a different country with or without family support is always scary.

Migrating to Australia is most of the people’s dream, and with so many visa options available to migrate, it’s quite confusing. The changes to Australian visa subclass, updates of the occupation, the state/ territory nominating particular occupation keeps changing now and then, thus finding the suitable visa subclass and lodging the application without any one’s help is challenging.

 Now, if you are planning to move to Australia, you would do some basic research and saving some money, you decide to lodge your applications without the help of an agent. It’s a natural human tendency to save up the cost.

To start with, you start doing looking for more relevant information online and discuss the queries on the different social media groups, or discuss with your family, friend or cousin who has migrated to Australia.

  • Now with the changes are so often, not many websites will have up to date information. So how do you trust your research material?
  • You might talk to some of your friends or relatives or even discuss in some of the Facebook groups, who have gone through the same process and find the details required. How do you trust the other person’s knowledge, the person may not be aware of the changes and the information provided may be incorrect?

Sometimes, you will spend months in just collecting the details to find out the most suitable visa for you to lodge and by the time you have collected all the details, you notice, you do not have the required English score, or you have just missed some points for your age and so on.

To avoid such scenarios, when you decide to migrate to Australia,  book for a consultation with a registered Migration Agent. The Migration Agents in Australia need to undergo training regularly to keep up their points, and also they are aware of all the changes, and they might be able to suggest you a better option which can lead to PR directly. They might give you different visa options, its cost breakdown, processing time, the pros and cons so that you can decide on the suitable visa subclass.

Now, we have come across many of the agents who were involved in a scam, so to avoid such things always find out the details of the agent on the MARA website. Check their website, reviews, check their agreement and their clauses before you invest the money on your application process.

The second hurdles about the agents are different agents charge different consultation charges. The price ranges from AUD 50 – AUD 300 and some of them offer free consultation as well. So many people ask why do we need to pay, we are not sure if we are eligible for any visa ad so on.  During the consultation, the advisors will go through and assess you for most of the visa subclass, if any options available, they will be provided with guidance on the cost, processing time, some of the options can be temporary which can lead to residency in the future.

Also, during the consultation, you are getting an opportunity to assess your agent's skills and their expertise and decide if you are interested in engaging them for your future application process.  

Before you invest a whole leap of money and your time on the application process, getting a consultation from a registered migration agent with a small amount of money would sound much better.

Ans If you agree with the above, always make sure you do enough research on the agent’s background.

Do not fall into the scam or lodge your application without professional expertise.

If you are looking to book for a consultation, click on the below link: