General skilled Migration

General Skilled Migration

Many of us are interested in migrating to Australia for better living and better career opportunities. As we start the process, we all try to look at the option of permanent residence. One of the most common visas, we get enquiry or people are interested in for the General Skilled Migration (GSM).

GSM is point tested and you can claim points for your age, English Language skills, partner skills, qualification and work experience in and outside Australia. Many of us would have found the points table on the home affairs website, we calculate our points and lodge the Expression of Interest (EOI) to the Department of Home Affairs with or without particular state/ territory nomination.

However, while lodging, the EOI, there are so many queries, the applicant can come across, so we have listed some of the common FAQ‘s relating to GSM.

I am turning 32, this year, can I claim 30 points or 25 points?

You can claim 30 points, the day until you turn 33 years old.

For example, The applicant was born on 01/02/1985, he can claim 30 points for the skilled migration until 31/01/2018.

I have the overall score of 7.0 with one component score being 6.5 and the other 7.5. Can I claim 10 points for the English Language skills?

No. You cannot claim for your English language skills as you satisfy the English Requirement of “Competent English” To claim points you need to have a minimum of 7.0 in each of the components.

For more details on the English language score, click on the below link:

I have 70 points without claiming points for English, as I have only Competent English. My occupation is currently on the state nomination list of South Australia. However, the occupation has the requirement of proficient English. Can I lodge my EOI, as I have 70 points?

You can lodge your EOI, however, you won’t be able to get the South Australia sponsorship as your English couldn’t meet the English criteria. Therefore, it is very important to check the particular state/ territory.

I have a Master and Bachelor degree but from a different category. I am applying for the occupation related to my Master degree. Can I claim 15 points for the qualification?

Yes.  You can claim 15 points for the qualification.

How can I claim points for my partner skills?

To claim points for your partner skills, your partner needs to have proof of Competent English and appropriate skill assessment from the relevant authority.

I have my degree and experience from different field. Can I get a positive skill assessment?

It depends on each individual case. We would recommend always to book for a consultation with a migration agent, who can assess and get back to you.

I have 65 points now without claiming state/ territory points. Do you think it is better to apply for a student visa in a regional area, so I can increase my points?

This depends on the individual requirement from different states/territorities. To discuss such matters, always consult a migration agent, who can assess and let you know your different visa options.

As the cost of the application fees, itself is so high, we would recommend to always book for a consultation with a registered migration agent.

Most of the agents, consultation fees are later deducted from the professional fees. So, it's worth paying.

If you have some other queries, please send us an email at or call us at 02 9212 1955. You can book for a consultation with our senior migration agent by clicking on the below link: