Good news!!!! South Australia will introduce a new visa subclass.

Are you looking to migrate to South Australia?

Are you interested in starting a business in South Australia?

If yes, good news as the South Australia will introduce a new visa subclass in the 2018-19 financial year. 

South Australia has allocated $400,000 to implement a pilot program for a new visa for the startup entrepreneurs to establish a business in the SA.

Unlike the current entrepreneur visa, there is no need of $200,000 funding arrangements and to make it more open for the applicants English Language requirement is just Vocational Level. 

This visa was proposed in March this year, before the SA state election.

The SA pilot will run over four years and 30 places are allocated in the first year.

The SA Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment Mr Ridgway has stated that “ The new visa will drive entrepreneurialism and innovation in our state, with the future potential to employ South Australians.”

To apply for this temporary visa to establish the venture in Australia, the applicant has to provide a detailed Business Plan with their innovative ideas which will be assessed by the State or Federal Government. The Successfully established business applicants are eligible to apply for the permanent Residence