Is it necessary to lodge application through a Migration Agent?

The answer is no, you don’t have to, and you can choose to lodge your application on your own. However, before making the decision not to, you should understand the importance of using a Migration Agent in lodging your application.

Firstly, you might have an assumption that agents are just doing admin work by filling and submitting the form for you.  But you are wrong, as this work comprises only 10-20% of the application work.

Migration agents are aware of the Law and as you all know the laws are complex and have a wide range of legislation, policy and procedures. These intricate details might be difficult for common people to understand. Even though the Department website provides, all the required documents, a little misinterpretation of the detail, can lead to visa refusal.

Migration agents and their knowledge on the laws and the legislation will help you to lodge the application without human errors or misinterpretation of the requirements.

Secondly, you might be wondering that by lodging the application on your own, can save migration agent professional service fees.

Well you can, if you have not only satisfied the requirements and uploaded documents but also got your application right on the first time. A small detail missing out can lead to visa refusal, which leads to re-lodging the application, applying for AAT (another huge cost) and so on. Well, using a Migration Agent is value for the money as your application can get approved at the first time, rather than spending thousands of dollars and not getting things rights at the first time.

Thirdly, you might be having trouble in trusting your migration agent. Many of our friends must have shared some story about their bad experience with dodgy migration agents or not getting professional help for the money spent.

To ensure you get the right Migration agent and to check their registartion details, Please Click Here.

Last but not least you can lodge your application at a high professional level and can reduce the stress of lodging the application on time.

“Good Judgement comes with Experience.”

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