Visa Cancellation Powers

As we, all know filling out an application form is quite boring and tedious, especially, when it comes to the visa application forms, there are so many details to enter, and very easily, you can make some mistakes while preparing the application.

Today, we are going to discuss the importance of every detail, we provide in the Australian visa application form and how the mistakes can lead to the visa cancellation.

Under the current migration regulations, there are several visa cancellation powers to the Minister, through which the already approved visa can be cancelled by the Minister with or without providing the notice.

If the department finds out if any of the documents provided is a bogus document, the Department can cancel the visa application under the s109.

If any of the information provided on the visa application or the passenger card is incorrect, the Department can cancel the visa under s109.

If the notifications of the incorrect information or the changes in circumstances have not been informed to the Department, the visa grant can be cancelled by the Minister under s109.

Other than the s109, there are other cancellation powers such as 116, s501, s128, s133, and so on.

The visa cancellation not only applies to the primary applicant but also the secondary applicants.

If the primary applicant does not comply with the visa conditions, even the secondary applicant’s visa can be cancelled under the s116(c)

The secondary applicant's visa can also be cancelled if the applicants are outside of Australia under s128.