Australian new visa subclass to be started by this year end

Due to the lot of skilled occupation requirement at the regional areas, the Federal Government are in discussion to start a new visa subclass by this year end.

You can find a brief summary of the interview with Minister Alan Tudge

Do you know in Northern Queensland, we need Chinese-speaking scuba instructors and in Melbourne we need Greek aged care worker?

If we can’t find an Australian to fill a job position, then that particular occupation will be listed on the national/ regional list. But due to more tailored job vacancies in the regional area, Minister has informed that there will be a new tailored list.

The tailored list   will be prepared in discussion with the local shire councils and the business leaders.

Minister Alan also explained why there is no such specific occupation in our national list.

 The national list is based on the national basis and the analysis might say that there are shortages if chefs or any other occupations at national level. But sometimes, the shortage is in a region despite, overall its being okay.

You can find the full interview here