Latest Canberra Matrix

The new Canberra matrix effective from 1st July 2019. 

Canberra Residents 



Eligibility-Student visa holders

Reduced to 3 months residence

Current ACT residence

Period of ACT residence in the last 8 years

More than 5 years                           25 points

Four to five years                             20 points

Three to four years                          15 points

Two to three years                           10 points

One to two years                                5 points

Less than one year                             0 points

ACT employment –

skill level

Open nominated occupation         20 points

Holder of employer-sponsored
work visa                                            15 points

ANZSCO Skill level 1 to 3
Occupation                                           5 points

Not applicable                                      0 points

Study undertaken at an ACT Tertiary Institution

Four years or more of study            20 points

Three years study                             15 points

Two years study                                 10 points

One year study                                     5 points

Not applicable                                      0 points

Prospective applicants


Ceased 1 July 2019

Close family ties

Period of residence (2 years)


 Overseas Applicants 



Spouse/partner employment

Your spouse/partner must:

•             be currently employed (and have worked for at least six months in the last 12 months).

•             have a valid English test result at a minimum level of ‘competent’ English; or hold a valid passport.

 Working in an open occupation       15 points

Skill assessment relevant to
current occupation                             10 points

Tertiary qualification in
any occupation                                      5 points

Close family ties

Australian citizen/PR spouse/partner, child,
parent, grandparent, brother, sister                                 20 points

Temporary resident                             5 points                                                                

Not applicable                                       0 points                                                                  

Close family ties

Period of residence (2 years)

Source- Canberra Migration Website