New Temporary Parent visa sc870

New Temporary Parent visa sc870 visa announced on 1 March 2019

A temporary parent visa has been announced on one March 2019. This visa lets the parents stay with their children and grandchildren for a period of 3 to 5 years without the hassle of travelling back to maintain their visa conditions.

This visa has two steps of the application

  • Sponsorship
  • Visa Application

Sponsorship application has to launch by the child, and it allows a maximum of two parents to be sponsored. The sponsorship application fee is $420. The sponsor has to be an eligible Australian citizen, Permanent Residence or eligible New Zealand citizen who has been in Australia for at least four years.

Visa Application can be lodged by the biological parent, adoptive, step-parents as well the relationship is still maintained by the biological parent. The visa application has to be launched from outside Australia, and the applicant has to be outside of Australia for at least 90 days before lodging this application. The visa application has to be launched within six months of the sponsorship approval.

The visa application fees for three years is $5000 and ten years is $10000. This can be extended once for the same period as the first application. The maximum time the parents can stay under this visa subclass is ten years.

As part of the visa application, they need to satisfy the health and character requirements.

Parents who have applied for the permanent visa subclass can apply for this visa and stay in Australia until the permanent parent visa application is processed.

The current visitor visa will remain unchanged and the applicants are looking for a shorter period can apply for the visitor visa.

The sponsorship application can be lodged from 17 April 2019, and the visa application is intended from 1 June 2019