New Visa Subclass Details

Skilled Employer Sponsored (Provisional) – subclass 494 

  • There will be 673 eligible occupations
  • Must be sponsored by an Australian employer and the occupation must be on the relevant list and meet caveats and LMT
  • AMSR – RCB certification required
  • SAF Levy applied
  • Applicant must have positive skill assessment at the time of application 
  • Has to meet character and Health
  • The applicant has to have three years of full time experience

Note – LMT not exempted under ITO agreement 

Skilled Work Regional (provisional) – subclass 491 

  • New Point system
  • Families are required to live, work or study in regional area for 3 years to be eligible to apply for PR
  • There will be 504 eligible occupations.
  • It has two streams -  Family member Sponsored stream and State/ Territory  Sponsored stream
  • Age below 45 years of age
  • Competent English proof

What are the regional areas for the new view subclass?

All of Australia except:

  • Sydney
  • Melbourne
  • Perth
  • Brisbane and Gold Coast

Changes in Point System

  • Additional 5 points if nominated by state/ territory or family member – Total 15 points
  • Additional 5 points for Master degree by research or a doctorate from an Australian educational institution that included at least two academic years in a relevant STEM field – Total 10 points
  • Additional 5 points for Partner with skill qualifications – Total 10 points
  • Additional 5 points for Partner with Competent English but no skill qualifications – Total 5 points
  • Additional 10 points for Single applicants with no partner – Total 10 points

- Resources -MIA and Department of Home Affairs