General Skilled Visas

General Skilled Visas
  • Skilled Independent sc189
  • Skilled Nominated (by a State Government) sc190
  • Skilled Nominated (Regional) sc489
  • Skilled Graduate (Temporary – 18 Months)  sc485
  • Skilled Work Regional(provisional)  - sc491

The General Skilled Migration program is a points tested and to qualify for the skilled migration, you need to have a score of atleast 65 points. 

The points are claimed for age, skills, English proficiency, work experience, qualification and so on. 

The first step to apply for the Skilled Migration is to apply for a Expression of Interest(EOI). It is very important to claim the points in the EOI accurately. 

The score points of the EOI can be updated regularly and the EOI are valid for two years. Higher the score the better chance of getting the invitation. Once the invitation has been received, the applicant can lodge the visa application to the Department with the proof of the claimed EOI points. 

Any bogus or not providing enough support of documents to the application, can result in the visa refused. Applying EOI does not provide you with an option to apply for Bridging Visa, so If you are in Australia and waiting for the invitation, make sure your current visa is valid. 

AUSA Migration has successfully steered many skilled migrants through this process to permanent residence in recent years.

From 16th November 2016, the new visa sc491 will be in effect and the sc489 will be abolished.